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The Healthcare Management Trust was founded in 1985 by David Lock and a group of like-minded people who believed that private medicine in opposition to the NHS should not be the only way forward. At that time, the Charitable and religious non-commercial alternatives were struggling to adapt to the clinical advancements, regulatory changes and economic pressures that increasingly affect this sector. HMT’s founders had an ideal and saw a need for a charity that would help the not-for-profit healthcare sector to survive.


Not for Profit
As a not for profit provider, HMT pride themselves on the high level of holistic care in our homes and hospitals. HMT adapt to the continuous clinical advancements, regulatory changes and economic pressures that affect the care sector. Many small and medium health and social care providers, whether secular or religious, lack the internal resources or knowledge to address these challenges. HMT particularly recognise that many religious orders caring for their own members into old age face similar issues.


Promoting Health
Promoting health is part of HMT's long term approach to improve the quality of life within the communities they serve. Through youth coaching, community sporting events, educational seminars and strategic alliances with community organisations we aim to make health and active living a fun and enjoyable part of everyday life. In the short term, communities are brought together through exercise whilst the long term impact on the healthcare system will become exponential.


Independently Managed
The Healthcare Management Trust is a charity built on a defining set of principles which are at the heart of everything they do; they make us who we are and ensure that HMT stand apart from others within our sector.


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