Race HQ

Race HQ - Sheffield Town Hall

Signing on
Signing on will be inside the Sheffield Town Hall. Signing on will start at 17:30 and will close 20 minutes before each event so that the updated sheets can be delivered to the finish area.

Sheffield Town Hall

Licences will be kept for the duration of the race and returned on receipt of the race numbers. Riders failing to present a licence will be charged a full Day Membership (£10.00) for both races and will riders have to pay the statutory fine (£10.00) for the National A Race.

Gear Checks
Junior riders will be subject to a gear check before being allowed to sign on. A random gear check will be carried out following each event.

Pits / Service
The Pits will be situated on Pinstone Street. The area will be controlled by a Commissaire and one lap out per rider will be allowed up to 5 laps to go for mechanical faults and punctures. The rider involved must report to the ‘Pits Commissaire’ and show them the fault. Please make sure that your gears and wheels are adjusted or tightened properly. In the event of a crash, the riders directly involved may come to the pits and ask the ‘Pits Commissaire’ for a lap out, with up to 5 laps to go. To get to the pits, riders must go around the course in the direction of the race. Any rider observed taking a short cut will be refused a lap out.

ONLY Bona fide Team Vehicles may park at the Pits area and other helpers may bring spares and equipment. (Team Manager’s must present their licence to the Race Technical Director)


Sheffield Grand Prix