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The WNT Group is a sales organisation supplying precision cutting tools to the metal cutting industry. TOTAL TOOLING = QUALITY x SERVICE² - this is the formula for total customer satisfaction. Through optimal service and an unbeatable product quality WNT is the ideal purchasing solution for the metal cutting industry.


WNT is successfully represented internationally in 19 countries and has its headquarters in Germany. It is part of an international group of companies with more than 5,800 employees worldwide.

WNT‘s sponsorship of 2-wheel sports fits well with the culture and the values of the company. WNT has always had a strong connection with 2-wheel sports and internal company activities and customer events have been centered around company values such as Sportsmanship, Fighting Spirit and Family (Team Spirit) for many years already. The entire management team and also large groups of employees meet regularly to take on challenges together on 2 wheels. These activities often involve support for a good cause.

Cycling is the perfect vehicle for communicating the WNT values outside the organization and WNT uses these events to build customer relationships and to get customers involved. For example the English bike component manufacturer HOPE and the Spanish company Rotor, that produces high-tech drive train components for racing and mountain bikes, are both customers of WNT and their products (e.g. the Rotor INpower power meter, Hope wheels and hubs) are used by the WNT Teams.

Please find more information about the company and visit www.wnt.com

You can find more information regarding the WNT sponsorship on www.team-wnt.com